Eco-friendly Boat Shape Handbag

Eco-friendly Boat Shape Handbag

Eco-friendly handmade boat shape design handbag that is designed for the uber cool urban woman. Made in ManipurWeight: 270 gDimension:...
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Eco-friendly handmade boat shape design handbag that is designed for the uber cool urban woman. Made in Manipur

Weight: 270 g
Dimension: 8" x 16.5" x 8.5"


  1. Water Hyacinth products are completely natural and ecofriendly since they are made from dried stems of the Water Hyacinth plant
  2. All Water Hyacinth products are hand-made where the artisans weave the products with hands, no machines or electrical supplies are used
  3. They are easily biodegradable and will not harm the environment once discarded
  4. Water Hyacinth is a big menace in the entire Northeast India as grows in water bodies and affects the water ecosystem by preventing the inflow of oxygen
  5. By purchasing a Water Hyacinth product, you not only contribute to the environment but also towards a sustainable means of living for the impoverished countless families in the villages who make these wonderful works of art

GISKAA Water Hyacinth product story


What happens when your unique style is also ecofriendly? It shows that you are here to make a difference and hence the story of this combination of eco-style will fascinate you!

Water hyacinth is a weed abundant in the entire stretch of Northeast India. It is a weed that grows in the water bodies forming a thick layer, preventing the oxygen inflow into them. It affects water ecosystems and the whole ecological balance by disrupting lives of marine animals. However, if used smartly, they can be disguised as beautiful products. Water hyacinth based ecofriendly handcrafted products are produced as a government initiative to promote sustainable livelihood in the rural areas of Northeast India. At the right hands, they can become great bags, coin purses, office accessories, conference folders, jewelry, furniture and other home decor items.

It is a tale of how a menace was conveniently twisted to turn into a miracle.

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