Rani Silk Saree Full Orange with Green Border)

Rani Silk Saree Full Orange with Green Border)

A piece that speaks to your softer side and your inner romantic. Crafted by fine artisans in Manipur in a...
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A piece that speaks to your softer side and your inner romantic. Crafted by fine artisans in Manipur in a rich orange silk, it features pale green fleur de lis-inspired patterns and is finished with a green temple border. This saree comes with an unstitched blouse piece. Made in Manipur

Weight: 400 g
Dimension: Width - 0.94 meters ; Total Length - 6.5 meters, Blouse - 1 meters and Saree - 5.5 meters

The Rani Story - Every Manipuri Woman’s Dream

Traditional Manipur is abundant and exuberant in a number of hand woven textiles.  In Northeast India, each community has authentic and indigenous specific designs and motifs. Manipur is at the zenith for perfection in hand woven industries and also has a distinct place amongst textile zones in India. Practising weaving is of great interest and fascination, for Manipuri women. The motifs are woven with culture and traditions binding them compact, by the native women of Manipur since time immemorial.

Paralleled to that nostalgic feeling of Kanchipuram Silk to a South Indian is the collection of Rani Phi sarees for a Manipuri woman. 'Rani-Phi' is named after the pioneer of the sarees, Rani. Rani Phi motifs among other forms are very popular and are an integral component of any Manipuri woman’s wardrobe.

Rani was inspired by natural designs like beautiful flowers, birds and different designs on clothes, even outside the state. She imagined how wonderful and lovely it would be, if such patterns are embroidered on “phi.” While only the Taj Mahal & florals were used. Rani took to her first experiment of using motifs of swans, lotus and leaves on the fabric. She was scared of the outcome and toiled to get them printed with perfection. She also started using silk threads for weaving the fabric. It was largely accepted and became a huge hit.

She is now a big name in the handloom industry and is well known for her work. Some of the accolades she has been honoured with, includes Certificate of Honour (1975), State Award for Master Craftsman (1979-80), National Certificate of Merit (1990) and Certificate of Honour by the All Manipur Women Voluntary Association (1991), accompanied by first prizes in design competition at the 22nd All India Handloom Week (1976) and design competition for Artistic Textiles (1990)

In Ranjana Emporium, led by entrepreneur Ranjana promotes Rani Phi silk greatly.  An avid lover of Rani Phi, she has taken it by herself to extensively popularise this pattern among larger multitudes. Refer to Ranjana Emporium products for a unique collection of Rani Phi items.


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